Getting Ready for the European Job Market

An Erasmus+ project


Working on the brochure

5th March 2018

The students in Spain, Poland and Germany are working on our brochure for our final meeting in Salzgitter in April this year.


Erasmus+ project goes into the third mobility phase

21st - 28th September 2017

We were able to spend our third mobility phase in Poland. Lucky us!

It was a great opportunity to practice our English, get to know the Polish culture as well as seeing beautiful cities such as Krakow or Warsaw.

On top of it we participants got to spend time together again, this time with new Spanish students. Our task was to inspire students from Germany, Poland and Spain to do an internship in one of these countries. It also included working at a local newspaper. Moreover, we got to know some typical Polish food like “Pierogi” and other delicious dishes.

Like mentioned above we visited some big cities in Poland. We went to Krakow for two days where we learned a lot about the history of Krakow and Poland itself by visiting museums and sightseeing. Furthermore, we also went to two companies for a guided tour.

Some students went to a company called Reis and the others went to Herco. One company produces safety work essentials and safety clothes and the other one produces nails. In conclusion it is to say that it was an amazing week in Poland and we cannot wait to seeing all again during our final mobility phase in Germany in April. See you all in Salzgitter!


Greetings from Rawa Mazowiecka

13th September 2017


LES goes European

29th August 2017

The German participants of the Erasmus+ project organised a “European Union-Day” at the Ludwig-Erhard-Schule Salzgitter on the 29 August 2017.

Their intention was to inform other students about the European Union and to show them how the Erasmus+ group is experiencing the idea of the European Union during the their project “Getting Ready for the European Job Market”.

They set up different stations with diverse tasks about the European Union for their schoolmates.
One station dealt for instance with general information about the member states. The guests had to match the member states with a map at an interactive board and answer various questions about the area, GDP, governance or population figures. The history of the EU was the centre of two more stations where the different classes had made a quiz and play a game. Last but not least students had to guess which national anthem belongs to which country.


The second year

21st August 2017

German students have resumed their work in the Erasmus+ project.
The students are totally motivated and are bursting with energy.


Students get their first certificates

21st June 2017

On 21st of June the students got their certificate for taking part in the first two mobility phases within our Erasmus+ -Project  Getting Ready for the European Job Market. After the summer holidays the project will continue with the third mobility phase in Poland. We are looking foward to proceed ...


Second mobility phase in Ordizia (Spain)

1st April 2017 - 8th April 2017

The spanish, polish and german students met in Ordizia (Spain) for their second mobility phase. During this week the students continued to work on their project together and had a very interesting time.


Departure for the second mobility phase in Ordizia (Spain)

1st April 2017, Hanover Airport (Germany)

The six german students are looking forward to meet their spanish and polish partners in Ordizia this afternoon.

Have a good flight!


Spanish group waiting for their guests from Poland and Germany

31th March 2017, Ordizia (Spain)


German group working on the project

13th March 2017, Salzgitter (Germany)

The german students are working on the project and prepare themselves for the second mobility phase in April this year.
Everybody is looking forward to see their spanish and their polish partners again next month.


Polish group working on the project

24th February 2017, Rawa (Poland)

Polish group meets every Tuesday to work on the project „ Getting ready for the European job market”. During the meetings we have started to preapare Enlish application documents. We are planing visit in Ordizia in April. Soon in our school is approaching „Visitors day” for students who want to study in ZSCEZiU and our students lead up.


The Erasmus+ fever has broken out again

31st January 2017, Salzgitter (Germany)

The motivation for the Erasmus+ project is still on a high level in 2017. Every Monday all German participants meet with their teachers to work together on the ongoing project “Getting ready for the European job market”.

The participants also prepare an Europe Day at the Ludwig-Erhard-Schule which can be visited by all classes of the LES.

Furthermore, the participants have started to work on their English application documents and they have started to prepare their visit to Ordizia in April as well.